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Affinity- Reality-Communication 

Mission ARC combines executive search, traditional management consultancy and human resource consultancy services under one roof. Our integrated approach to projects allows us to offer our clients all the assistance they require from a single source, without any need for complicated interfaces or costly coordination efforts.

Competence that covers the entire value chain is becoming ever more important, and change has become the norm in business. The careful evolution of business models has in many cases been replaced by a need for transforming business from ground up. Be it demographic changes or the new challenges of global competition, the enterprises that overcome the risks of the modern business world are characterized by their ability to introduce sustainable changes to their systems, processes, and employees. Only companies that are able to combine functional know-how with cultural and behavioral competence will master these changes successfully and, we, play an integral part in facilitating the same.

We have been breaking new grounds in HR Consultancy work over the years. From the appointment of board members, non-executive or executive directors or specialist staff, their Training, Learning & Development, to the introduction of new strategies and processes ,or, the reshaping of HR strategies: we can manage a holistic transformation process on all levels of human resources, systems or structures. This enables us to ensure the success of our clients.

Besides working in some parts of South East Asia and Middle East, Mission ARC has pan India operations helped by offices in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai . We provide manpower at all levels, more so at middle level and senior level across all verticals. Training, Learning & Development courses are mainly for corporate. The division of Corporate Communications takes projects from client companies on different levels and executes the same. Survey, Research & Analysis is only done for few selected clientele.

To keep the pace with rapidly changing modes of business functioning and our own evolution we also get involved in varying researches from time to time to get an in depth study/knowledge of human factor and its corresponding impact on present and future shaping of business & life at large.

The company has been founded and developed by Mr. Ritesh Kumar Sethia who is regularly and satisfactorily attaining end results and completing various modules on different aspects of work and life, such as: The basics of organization, Components of Understanding, Targets and Goals, Communication, Technology of Study etc. among others. His specialization remains in creation & development of human ability.

Mission ARC is capable, confident and eager to provide quality service to its esteemed customers .It believes in participating shoulder to shoulder with client companies for effective solutions, stable development and accomplishment of overall objectives.

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