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Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is a management function that offers a framework and vocabulary for the effective coordination of all means of communications with overall purpose of establishing and maintaining favorable reputations with stakeholder groups upon which the organization is dependent.

Projects, Events & Conferences


Direct communication through relevant platforms ...

Film Making


Mission ARC has a filmmaking division to cater to the audio-visual...

Graphic Designing


At Mission ARC we understand that different clients...

PR & Media Planning


Mission ARC develops and customizes your messaging ...

Employee Communications


Employee Communications play very important role in active...

Brand Building


A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business...

Celebrity Management


Any celebrity that the client would want at a particular event which in turn...

Digital PR


Digital Public Relations is aggressively making its mark in India...

Integrated Marketing Solutions


From concept development to actual implementation, Mission ARC...

A consequence of these characteristics of corporate communications is that they are likely to be complex in nature. This is especially so in organizations with wide geographic scope, such as multinational firms, or with wide ranges of products or services, where the coordination of communications often appears to be a balancing act between corporate headquarters and the various divisions and business units involved.

However, there are other significant problems in developing effective corporate communications strategies. Corporate communications demands an integrated approach to communications management. Unlike functional problems and a more specialist frame of reference, corporate communications transcends the specialties of individual communications practitioners (e.g. advertising, direct marketing, media relations, etc.) and crosses functional boundaries to harness the strategic interests of the organization at large. When attuned to the strategic direction and scope of the organization as a whole, corporate communications is also a way of managing communications that is relevant for all types of organizations, however large and whatever sector they operate in.

It has often been thought that only large organizations in the private sectors need a vocabulary and tools for orchestrating their communications. Smaller companies, including small manufacturing companies and family-owned businesses, as well as larger organizations in public sector such as hospitals and universities, may indeed have less communications resources and little fully-fledged communications disciplines when compared to large private firms. However, communications to the various stakeholder groups of these kinds of organizations still needs to be aligned and integrated: a need that can be met by corporate communications as a guiding philosophy.

Services which are provided by Mission ARC in Corporate Communications are as follows:

1. Projects, Events & Conferences

Direct communication through relevant platforms can help you deliver maximum impact for your messaging. We are able to build special conferences customized to your offering so you can communicate directly with your target audience. We specialize in BTL activities and Loyalty Programs.

We can develop a wide range of direct communication forums targeted at your immediate audience. We undertake projects which involve regular smaller events/activities/promotions as a part of a long project running for certain period of time (e.g. a year or so in anniversary celebrations of companies, Education projects etc.).We take challenges in Event Management and provide complete solution under one window ranging from Event Planning, Venue Booking, Travel & Logistics, Audio Visual Equipments, Celebrity Presence up till Feedback Planners.

These would cover a range from Corporate Events, Conferences & Seminars, Brand Activation and Promotions, HR Initiatives and Activities, Trade shows and Exhibitions, Brand-Product launches, Distributor- Dealer meets, Round-table briefings or Hospitality events coordinated with other business partners and industry associations.

2. Film Making

Mission ARC has a filmmaking division to cater to the audio-visual content requirements of its clientele. We can add substantial value to our clients’ promotional campaigns by designing engagingly original content to drive home the intended message. We are able to produce TV Commercials, Corporate Films and Documentaries for a varied target audience.

Within the generic category of ‘Corporate Films’ we can deliver- Publicity films, Promotional films, Industrial films, Training films, Event-based films, Exhibition-display films, Sales and Trade show films and promos, Motivational films, Celebration AVs, films to be used as part of Sales Kits and Electronic-Press kits, Image make-over films and Public Service Messages.

3. Creative Services / Graphic Designing

At Mission ARC we understand that different clients have different needs, resources and levels of expertise. We take the time to get to know what our client's objectives long before we even begin the creative process. When designing comes to place we work under the assumption that no one knows the business better than the client and it is our job to capitalize on that knowledge with proven tools, methods and honesty. We are a proud company of experienced, talented and creative professionals. The ultimate thrill for us is to watch our clients succeed because of the achievements our work has produced.

Our talented team of illustrators, animators and programmers can help you with all your graphics, design, animation and imaging needs. Our creative instincts, breadth of graphic design capabilities, depth of expertise, and unmatched resources allow clients unmatched graphic design services .We use photography and animation also to enhance effectiveness of creative designed .Logo, brochure, media releases, cards , magazine layouts , product promotions, brand identities, web templates and so forth , we undertake all kinds of business in this category to put our client’s thoughts into reality.

4. PR & Media Planning

Mission ARC develops and customizes your messaging for different target groups within the media, as they differ in their information needs and requirements and respond to a customized approach based on their profile, interests and types of media.

We provide a full press office service that includes writing, researching and placing press releases, opinion pieces and case studies, feature tracking and on-line media relations and a dedicated website for the media. We coordinate with your international press offices to ensure that the messaging in local markets is in sync with the global messaging and timing. We offer media planning, media buying and media release to give your marketing efforts a cohesive approach.

5. Employee Communications

Employee Communications play very important role in active participation of employees towards overall objective of an organization. It helps employee feel that he is an integral part and not different from the company as a whole. The tools that we use are for engagement and information sharing are Newsletters, Website, Intranet, Offsite, Forums, etc.

It is imperative that while designing a communication program one must look at addressing the critical audience that is the Employees .It is only when you engage with them as they will be focused on the reasons for change and therefore change their behavior to impact business outcomes. The program to engage employees proves great results as they feel a significant increase in empowerment and understanding in how their role supports the company objective or the customer experience and how they can change it.

6. Brand Building

A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line or brand. It seeks to increase a product's perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand franchise and brand equity. Marketers see a brand as an implied promise that the level of quality people have come to expect from a brand will continue with future purchases of the same product. This increases sales by making a comparison with competing products in favor to a branded product.

From designing and implementing Brand building strategies ,Corporate Identity Program to Effective Marketing Strategies for establishing or enhancing the brand we do it all under one roof. ATL and BTL activities are aligned in order to achieve desired results and promote your brand. The synergy is created from concept development to actual implementation and aligning all activities towards recognition of the perceived value of the product.

7. Celebrity Management

Any celebrity that the client would want at a particular event which in turn would pull in media attention or work as a keynote speaker to address any particular issue can be organized by us. If any promotion or Ad film / Advertisement needs to be done with any celebrity in mind, that can be taken care of, as well.

Be it for a product launch or at an inauguration as chief guest or a celebrity compare for an event, we can get all of it organized for you. We take pride in having the resources that are needed to organize any entertainment, shows, parties etc where the idea is for people to have a good time and for the client to make an impression and providing something different, fun and enjoyable to everyone involved.

8. Digital PR

Digital Public Relations is aggressively making its mark in India where virtual presence is increasing day by day affecting choices made by the consumers between who they see online and who they don’t. It has already become one of the most effective tools to bring change. We specialize in all tools right from writing blogs / forums engaging webinars (Online Seminars). Thus we engage with the relevant news sites and the influential bloggers.

We effectively implement Social media & Search Engine Optimization by providing unique opportunities for brands to engage actively and directly with an audience through sites including Facebook, MySpace, Orkut (social networking sites), Digg, StumbleUpon (social bookmarking) YouTube (video), LinkedIn, Plaxo (business networking) and Twitter (micro blogging).

9. Integrated Marketing Solutions

From concept development to actual implementation, Mission ARC provides 360 degree solutions for your communications and marketing needs. Mission ARC is a world-class company providing "Integrated Marketing Solutions" through Innovative Ideas, Quality Service and Optimum Utilization of Resources.

Companies require a sophisticated and complex marketing infrastructure delivering uniform messaging across multiple channels. We deliver communication for different audiences through contract publishing, newsletters, websites, intranets, sales collateral, white papers, case studies and direct mailers that are customized across audience groups. Marketing & Sponsorship, Media Management, Event Management, Image Consulting, Corporate Identity, Digital PR, Creative Services and so forth, these all are aligned and integrated towards ultimate business goal.

We believe that a combined approach yields better results. We develop strategies that help in building your brand image through advertising, traditional media and other innovative marketing tools.Mission ARC carefully combines selected traditional and new communication techniques according to your requisite promotion needs, including Urban, Semi-Urban and Rural Promotions.